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Famous German athletes like Britta Steffen, Patrick Hausding, Robert Harting, Betty Heidler, Annika Schleu and many more - they all went to Germany's sport elite schools when they were still children or youths. Now they are our great hope for medals at Olympia.

What does one need to walk this path towards a career in competitive sports? What influence does it have on one's daily life?

July 27th to August 12th, 2012 - this year's most important time for athletes worldwide. They come from every country around the globe to London, to match their skills and strengths and hopefully prove to be the best - worthy of one of the Olympic medals. Everywhere those winners will be celebrated as heroes. And they will be here as well. Members of the press will engage in their very own competition, trying to win over the athletes to do exclusive interviews, come to talk shows or participate in entertainment shows. Nevertheless rarely information on the sportsmen and -women's way that led to this success is given; it mostly remains in the dark.

But this changes now.

For the very first time we will show this way. Over the course if four years, until the next Olympic Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. And we're now looking for young athletes who have a dream. Who dream of Olympic gold.

The first and only long-term documentary of this kind that will show success and failure, laughter and crying, lack of motivation and sudden outbursts of it, injuries and rehab. In short: The way of young, promising athletes, managing their life between school, exercises and competitions.

Every day those children, teenager and young adults spend twelve to fourteen hours with their sport - a challenge, in every sense. But we not only follow their athletic development and successes, but also show them balancing sport, school, family, and friends.

Who are those people who voluntarily, starting at the age of ten or younger, commit themselves to the pressure, knowing all too well that they'll only reach their goal in ten, fifteen, maybe twenty years? And only a handful will really get this far.

Our athletes let us take part in their lives, their triumphs, but also their defeats.

Until now, we're following girls and boys who are students of one of the three sport elite schools in Berlin. But we want to invite all of Germany's talented up and coming athletes to contact us and later participate in an annual competition - the election of the "Best up and coming athlete of Germany".

Already now you can get to know our stars in the making we hope for to appear in Rio by watching them and their skills on our YouTube channel. But we are certain that there are many other children, teenager and young adults who have the dream of being part of the Olympic Games.

We don't look for anyone who can warble songs already heard too often, who has a knack for being bulimic, or who loves to imitate pop stars. We're looking for people who want to be who they are - and who are ready to work hard on reaching their goal for many years.

You we want to accompany. We want to show your way, just like we're doing now with the athletes who are already part of out Go For Gold initiative.

Send us your video clips for us to post them on our YouTube channel. Show the world your way to success. Let them participate and excite them.

Go For Gold!